What we can offer you

We are skilled at creating the services that put our clients on the track of the rapidly increasing cryptocurrency market. Hence, the range of our services is as wide as the needs of our diverse clients.

We Offer

ServicePrivate Brokers

As a digital asset brokerage, our team specializes in crypto industry. Our professional brokers will be your guides to the trending and emerging cryptocurrencies and will assist you in reaching your trading goals. 

With Brokers.IO, you will be able to brief our brokers to execute limit and stop orders and carry out more advanced trading logics based on your needs. Market reports and full access to your investment analytics will be provided.

You will have the opportunity to talk to our brokers about your trades 24/7 on channels that are convenient to you; such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber.

ServiceTrading with BOTs

Our brokers use custom-developed BOTs to trade more effectively. With the help of intelligent algorithms, we can execute large orders, by splitting big transactions into smaller chunks and avoiding prices slippages, which means the best prices within the short time scale. As well as all the standard procedures, we can complete more complex trading tasks.

We can also develop customized algorithms for the BOTs in order to trade according to your strategies and experience in the market.

ServiceMargin Trading

We provide additional funds so you can invest in larger amounts of coins. Therefore, making your trades highly lucrative when the market moves in your favor. We offer the following currencies: USD, BTC, and ETH. With the additional funds you will be able to buy: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, Binance Coin, Bitcoin SV, Tether, Stellar.


You can deposit your POS algorithm-based coins and earn interest. We’ll make sure about the security and profitability of your deposit. Your accounts are safe and secured.

We provide technical setup of virtual servers and the secure environment to store your coins and investments on our client’s behalf.


With the service known as Over the Counter (OTC), which bypasses the exchanges, we connect large buyers and sellers allowing them to keep large trades off the public order books, and therefore keeping large trades private and filling them at favorable prices.

ServiceMarket Making

Our trading BOTs can create a healthy and active market for both buyers and sellers by placing multiple limit orders in an order book of an exchange by providing liquidity with minimal losses. 

It often makes sense to build your own market making operations so you can control the liquidity of your coin, and how it is provided. Market making makes cryptocurrencies more attractive for large investors, forcing the market price up and balancing.

ServicePayment Processing

We integrate payment gateways for cryptocurrencies into your website, allowing you to get paid directly in cryptocurrency for products and services sold online. This fixes your product prices to the fiat exchange rate to avoid losses related to cryptocurrency revaluation.